WE FOUND THE TALENT! Zooppa meets Lago Film Fest

In these days, the 13th edition of the independent festival “Lago Film Fest”.  is taking place at Revine Lago.

The event, aimed at promoting cinema, art and creativity, becomes an opportunity of networking and meeting creatives, vidoemaker and artists, and, this year again, Zooppa is one of the main partners of the festival.

We believe in talent and creativity, and for this reason, in collaboration with Lake staff, we decided to look for new talents to help them emerge and have the visibility they deserve.

To do this we launched an European call , asking the video makers to submit their projects.

At the end of the project, we collaborated with Lago Film Fest staff to analyze and select the best videos to promote them through various events, projecting them during the best European movie festivals.

The moment finally has come, the videos have been selected and presented atFormentera Film Fest, where the first ranked was played and awarded.

But it’s not over here…  during the nights of Lake Film Fest, the selected videos will be presented and projected into the characteristic atmosphere of the shore of Lake.

It will be an opportunity for a stimulating dialogue and growth as well as for promotion and visibility for video-makers.

Here are the videos:

Daniel Setdesi – Attitűd

Demeter Lorant – Lucky girl

Jim Nillson – States of matters

Flora Bradwell – #BUYMYPAINTING

Sara Bonaventura –  Chronoscope

Il concept è quello della decrescita felice. Chronoscope sembra un modo entropico per vedere il passato, ma se il passato ci parlasse di futuro più di quanto noi pensiamo? Siamo in uno di quei momenti in cui bisognerebbe fare un passo indietro.

Ground’s Oranges –  Prefunerale

Seguendo l’ultima tendenza nata nel profondo sud italiano chiamata “pre-diciottesimo”, i Ground’s Oranges sono lieti di presentarvi il primo e unico “prefunerale”, un vero video pre-funerale con lo scopo di esporre criticamente la tendenza allo show di chi non ha nessun talento, nata con la diffusione della condivisione di internet.

Mateo Jurčić – Alienation

Short film “ALIENATION” shows an isolation and state of mind of a girl who is trying to find her purpose in a specific time of her life as well as the control of her abilities which arise through fear and emotions. 

We would like to thank all the filmmakers who participated in our call by sending us 150 shorts: in addition, many of them will be part of our forthcoming initiatives!

We can’t wait to share with you our future projects.

Stay tuned!